Thermal Materials

Thermal Materials


Synthetic Graphite

Synthetic Graphite is a thin high performance product that can help you with your thermal management challenges. 

Major uses:

  • Thermal Management where space constraints create a challenge 

  • Thermal Shielding (Thermal Conductivity of 600 - 1750 W/mk)

  • Elimination of Hot Spots 


Thermal Interface Materials

Thermal Pad Working Mechanism


Production Line


Thermal Pad Working Mechanism

Technology Superiority
  • High thermal conductivity

  • Specialized silicone chemistry provides good electrical insulation

  • Precise coating and hot-press molding technology

  • Good thermal stability whatever ultra-thin or ultra-thick material

  • Rapid and efficient service for making sample and die-cutting

  • Instant customization in color, thickness, hardness or thermal conductivity

  • Can be laminated with adhesive upon request

  • Can be one-sided tacky upon request

Product Superiority
  • Instant customization for thickness ( 0.1mm ~~ 15.0 mm) and color

  • Special fillers to achieve specific thermal conductivity: 1.5 W/(m.K) ~~ 17 W/(m.K)

  • Good electrically insulation, withstand voltage exceed 10(KV/mm), up to 17(KV/mm)

  • Offer excellent conformability to cover uneven and rough surfaces

  • Easy to fit diversified gap conditions. Avoid hard contact and protect IC chips

  • Elastomeric property to provide mechanism balance

  • Adhesive or natural self-tacky to stick on heat sink

Product Structure
  • Base material: Silicone

  • Filler: Boron nitride, Diamond, Aluminum nitride, Aluminum oxide, etc.

  • Flame resistance: Metal hydroxide

  • Additive: Colorant, Catalyst

Application Design
Silicone Thermal Pad

Silicone thermal pads are cost effective thermal conductive solutions with low compression force, low thermal resistance, ultra-soft performance and high conformability for applications. They are used for filling the air gap between the electronic component and heat sink. They offer high compressibility, tacky surface, softness and flexibility. SG has a range of product options in thermal conductivity from 1.5W/m.k to 17W/m.k.

Silicone-free Thermal Pad

Silicone-free thermal pads provides a thermal solution for filling the air gap between the silicone oil sensitive electronic component and heat sink. It offers high compressibility, tacky surface, softness and flexibility. These kinds of thermal pads can avoid the electronic component polluted by silicone oil, or makes the dust stick on it, to keep it nice and clean.

Conductive Putty

Thermally conductive putty is a kind soft and compliant gap filling material with a thermal conductivity of 8.0 W/m.K, and can offer exceptional thermal performance at low pressures.

Thermally Conductive Insulation Sheet

Thermally conductive silicone sheets are specially designed for applications which need excellent heat transfer, insulation and voltage resistance. The insulators have a smooth and non-tacky surface for reposition and reuse,which is ideal for gap filling between electronic power devices and a heatsink for screw and clip mounted applications.

Phase Change Material

Thermal phase change material (TPCM) is designed to meet the thermal reliability and price requirements of high-end thermal applications. The series are inherently tacky, Flexible and exceptionally easy-to-use.They can fill irregular surfaces between electronic component and heat sink.

Thermally Conductive Gel

Thermally conductive gel is a pre-curing and compliant new thermally interface material. And the material can conform to multiple component heights, and offer excellent thermal performance and low contact thermal resistance.

Thermally Conductive Silicone Grease

Thermal grease is high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance compound for components that require improved thermal dissipation. It is ideally suited for use in CPU, GPU cooling and other applications between power semiconductor components and heatsinks where thermal resistance is the major concern.

Thermally Conductive Tape

Thermally conductive tape is a kind of acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive loaded with high thermally Conductive ceramic fillers. It improves the heat conduction between heat-generating components and heat sinks due to its good thermal conductivity. For its excellent adhesive performance and low thermal resistance, it can replace thermal grease and mechanically fixing method.

Thermally Conductive Foam Gasket

Fibersit PolylateTM TCF Series thermally conductive foam gasket is a kind of thermally conductive gasket that consists of PU foam wrapped with synthetic graphite on four sides.

  • Excellent thermal conductivity, especially for high thickness

  • Good compressibility

  • Long-term durability

  • The larger dimension can be achieved by array structures

  • Silicone thermal pad replacement

  • Heat transfer between heat source and heat sink

  • Heat transfer inside shielding cans

  • Other thermal application


Ultra-thin Nano Thermal Insulation Film

TIF series ultra-thin nano thermal insulation film is mainly composed of aerogel, which is the lightest solid material in the world and has the best performance in thermal insulation. The thermal conductivity of the film is as low as 0.02 W/(m.K) due to the absence of convection within the material.


High Efficiency Thermal Spreading Sheet

TSS series thermal spreading sheet is a specially designed composite thermal material which has a structure of different functional layers for thermal solutions. It provides excellent heat conducting, spreading and cooling performance. It is also a good choice as an EMI shielding solution.


Thermally Conductive Shocking Absorber

Thermally conductive shocking absorbed is a specially designed composite material for both thermal and shocking absorption solutions of LCM. The synthetic graphite layer provides excellent heat spreading and cooling performance. The foam layer that is coated directly on the graphite sheet is super soft, slowly rebound and offers excellent cushioning and long-term gap filling in electronic devices.